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Dutch ticketers and social media


Just like last year Entertainment business and Rankingz researched the top 10 ticketers on the Dutch market. Ticketmaster has taken over the lead in the list from See tickets. That company was the number one in last year. Ticketmaster did a lot of catching up in just a few months on the social channels. Last year the had 8.000 Twitter followers and 47.000 likes on Facebook. They now have 46.000 followers and 119.000 likes. But not only the numbers count on Rankingz. The degree of engagement makes the real difference. What happened?

The last few months Ticketmaster has put a lot of effort and money their Facebook and Twitter strategy. Their goal was to create more reach, effect and engagement on the channels. The events One Direction and MTV’s EMA’s gained a lot of new followers. After that they started advertising on Twitter. But advertising is getting less effective over de last few years. Consumers ignore stories without a proof of concept. Information and technology are the new focus points of the Ticketmaster organisation according to Mark Yovich in Entertainment business. The smart use of data ensures that they can make the transformation to a professional online service organisation in the entertainment sector.

In September 2013 See Tickets was most active on Facebook. The ticketer had more than 100.000 likes. In the meanwhile they have over 140.000 likes and are still the lagerst player on that platform. But Ticketmaster has grown faster on other social media channels. That puts See Tickets on a second position in the Rankingz now. See Tickets is putting a lot of effort in dialogue but they are struggelinh with the fact that it’s difficult to connect wit hall customers at the same time because they sell a lot of different kind of tickets. They are researching a smarter approach at the moment and orientate themselves on multiple platforms.

Ticketscript is following a strategy according to the management of the company despite the poor growth of their community in the last few months. They focus on a self-service-model and try to reach the event organizers and partners. That target group shows different behavior on social media and is also a lot smaller. Although B2C and B2B show more and more overlap overall. Social media has become a PR tool for the Ticketscript organisation. Just like Paylogic. Therefore the engagement is less with their communities which explains the lower position on the list. ActiveTickets declares to see no need in the use of social media yet.

The competition in the ticketing market is quite big. Also these companies have to deal with the changing world around them by interne and social media. Everybody can be the eyes and ears of a brand these days. The media landscape is fragmented and old business models do not work as effectively as they used to. Just dropping a statement as brands used to do is outdated. Future companies focus on the dialogue with their customers, partners, fans and ambasadors. Without a conversation the raltionship is over or can not be established at all.

If we want to or not, we have to face the facts of the digital world. The list with ticketers provides a daily to-date picture but can change due to the activity social media accounts and brands that are being monitored. Entertainment business has made a snapshot of the Ticketers Rankingz list for this message and tried to be as complete as possible. Do you want to know more about online ticketers or do you ant to add a brand to the list? Go to:

Entertainment business online Rankingz ticketers

Entertainment business online Rankingz ticketers best social entertainment retailer


Rankingz is a Reputation Performance Analytics Platform. We measure online profiles so brands and people can compare their social influence with peers. Recently Entertainment Business and Rankingz analyzed the performance on social media of 22 entertainment retailers. is ranked number 1. 

By integrating social media within the company strategy these platforms can play an essential role in branding, brand experience and sales. The digital interaction of brands with fans has a big influence on the overall customer satisfaction. In the long run these conversations have an effect on the sales transactions.

Entertainment Business and Rankingz measured the scores of entertainment retailers on social media platforms. We analyzed the growth and strength of the fanbase, the overall online influence and activity, presence and engagement with a brand. is the best retailer of this moment according to this research. Followed by Media Markt and Coolblue, ranked second and third in the list. is performing better than all other companies because they have a strong online presence and are very active on there social media accounts. They post new content on their Facebook and Twitter pages, linked to articles on the weblog. Besides that, their community is very active in conversations about the brand on the web. has a strong webcare approach. They use separate accounts, 18 in total, for these service-orientated conversations. Ranging from games, beauty to jobs.

Media Markt has a unique approach on social media. They service their fans and customers online by using a separate Twitter account for each store. Therefore they can also successfully execute regional actions online and offline. That has a positive effect on the customer engagement.

The master Twitter account of Media Markt for webcare has about 8.000 followers. has over 23.000 followers. In total Media Markt has 30 stores and Twitter accounts that are used daily. They also have an account for special offers. On that account they don’t interact with their crowd. On Facebook Media Markt has over 372.000 likes. This account is mostly used for special offers. Sometimes they respond to current events.

Media Markt’s little sister Saturn is falling behind in the rankingz list on position 7. Their Facebook page has 125.000 likes. In comparison: Game Mania is ranked 6 in the list and has 51.000 likes on their Facebook page. Saturn also has more Twitter followers. Quantity isn’t the only standard. The way a brand interacts with their crowd, large or small, makes the difference in a successful online strategy. A lot of like and win actions and even buying fans, doesn’t represent a strong digital brand.

Coolblue is ranked third in the list and is successful in online business. As they say on their Facebook page: ‘we have one goal and that is to deliver the best service”. Original specials, creative postings and sneak peaks behind the scenes makes their approach unique and effective. They use Twitter mostly for customer service.

A new player on the market is Home Of Entertainment. After a raging start on Facebook with a little help from promotion as a newcomer, their activity is slowing down. They don’t use any other platforms. Twitter could be very helpful for them to inform, trigger and bind potential customers.