The Rankingz Index


A position in a list is not so much about determining an absolute figure, but it is used to present the online reputation of a brand in comparison with the online reputation of peers, and make it comparable.

Therefore, a number of performance indicators are measured for each brand, such as:

  • Influence of a brand, expressed in the Klout score among other things
  • Development of the fan base of a brand
  • Development of the buzz around a brand, or the share of voice of a brand within the group of peers.

Please note that the measured absolute figures are only used to determine the relative position in relation to peers. Weighting factors determine the contribution of the performance indicators to the final position of a brand in the list.

The reputation matrix which is on the detail page of a brand, aims to provide more insight into aspects such as:

  • Presence or reach or awareness – how ‘big’ is the brand online, based on measuring its fan base on various channels
  • Activity – how active is a brand or how much activity is there concerning the brand
  • Engagement – how many active fans are there and how often is the brand mentioned in their messages

Finally, be aware of:

  • The reputation matrix creates an overview by way of absolute figures, but also the relative position (the ranking) on the various subjects. This creates a model which can be used to compare brands with each other and to understand why the online reputation is what it is or how it is developing.
  • The reputation matrix is expanded further with insight into the content which is consumed and shared (videos, music, photos, articles …).